A larp character tool
A character learning tool for larps
"For me, it has made it a lot easier to play larps with ~50 participants. It takes an hour or two to learn every name in the game, and it enhances the experience a lot."
- Mimmi Lundkvist
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What is Ensemble?

Ensemble is an online resource for larps, live action role playing games, that facilitates an accessible presentation of characters and a quick way to learn them. It provides organizers and players with a very flexible tool and intuitive interface for presenting, sorting and categorizing characters. Remembering them is made easy, social and fun through a deck of flash cards, a booklet as well as an online database. There is no need for layout skills, Ensemble lets you print the cards and booklet with all layout done, and you don’t need an app to access the characters from your phone.

Ensemble is suitable for all kinds of larps, from small chamber larps where the organizer presents the players with pre-written characters and fixed relations, up to and including huge sandbox games where the players write their characters and group affiliations themselves.

Why Ensemble?

So many of the larps we play portray very close-knit communities, be it a village, a spaceship, a military unit, a prison camp or a school class. You will typically have close relationships with a few other characters, and maybe learn about a couple more, but the feeling that you really ought to know all of them intimately lingers.

Through Ensemble the players can realistically be expected to arrive at the site already knowing most of the other characters. This means less onsite time has to be allocated for character and group presentation workshops. Players will be more familiar with the social structure of the larp and feel less stress about “who is who”, they will feel more immersed and can more easily play with everyone instead of just the players they know the best. Basically, the players will have a better game.

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Features: + A customizable template for organizer and players to fill with character information.
+ A database where players can share their vision for their character.
+ Automatically layouted ready-to-print character cards to facilitate easy and fun learning.
+ A handy ready-to-print character booklet to reference when you are prepping, and also to bring to the larp.
+ The searchable database is accessible online, for quick discreet checks on your phone at workshops or during the larp.
Practical details: + To use Ensemble, you need to first contact us. We will set up a project for your larp, help you customize it and guide you on how to use it and how to share it with your players.
+ You will receive a key-link to your project, where you, the organizer, can first customize the information format. Then, when you are ready, you share a second key-link with the players, so they can add a picture and information, and then start using Ensemble.
+ The cost of using Ensemble is 10 kr / $1 US / 1€ per character.
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See a video introduction:
Quick peek:

This demo project does not showcase the full system, only the different views available to players when using Ensemble.

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What do others think about Ensemble?

"Knowing the other characters at the larp is crucial - especially at larps where the characters have known each other for long, like in a village, household or organisation. But even at larps where the characters have not known each other for long, memorizing characters helps the players create more meaningful play from the very beginning of the larp, and reduces the workshop time needed to acquaint yourself with the other characters. Ensemble is the best available tool to facilitate this - the flash cards are perfect for memorizing names, faces and basic information, and the more detailed list view gives additional information that can be customized to what suits the larp in question."

- Julia Greip

"Ensemble is a great way to visualize complex social structures and networks before you even get on site for the larp."

- Simon Erlandsson, Organizer Mossmården

"Ensemble has great potential. As a Player, it helped me learning the names of the whole cast of 40+ players in one night. As an organizer, it helps with "forcing" players to interact with the LARP."

- Bjørn Are Stølen, Organizer CoC -69:
The ride of the valkyries

"It's a super useful tool for preparing for larp especially when playing a character who has to keep an overview of everybody and also an easy way for me as a player to select what others should know"

- Jeppe Bergmann Hamming, Organizer

"We used Ensemble during the larp Krigshjärta 8.4 and it turned out really well for all that needed to know each other but had little time for premeetings. The system is very clear and easy and perfect for a group that need to recognize each other as the larp starts. Having the cards in a bag during the larp also makes it easy to check a few names one has forgotten and need."

- Martin Rydberg Hedén, Organizer Krigshjärta 8.4

"The organisation Ursula has used Ensemble twice with great success. The first time it was a small game with less then 50 players, where all the players needed to know all the characters. The second time it was a bigger larp with over 130 players and getting an overall picture of groups of characters was more valuable."

- Frida Gamero, Organizer
Magica Moriens & Rosamundas Testamente

Ensemble was successfully used at:
+ Krigshjärta 8.4 "intåg i Jakow" (2019)
+ Libertines (2019)
+ Mossmården (2019)
+ Krigshjärta 9 (2019)
+ Den utan synd, scandinavian run (2019)
+ The Last ark - Crash (2020)
+ The Devil You Know (2021)
+ Origo (2021)
+ Re:boot (2021)
+ Magica Moriens (2021)
+ Green Knights (2022)(campaign)
+ Vedergällningen (2022)
+ Snapphaneland (2022)
+ Malcontenta (2022)(campaign)
+ Rosamundas testamente (2022)
+ CoC -69: The ride of the valkyries (2022)
+ Symposium (2022)